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12-Year-Old Prodigy to Start Freshman Year at College Park High

Meet the young genius who skipped two grades.

Thursday, June 27, 2024, 3:00 PM

The Woodlands, TX - Sathini Amaratunga, a remarkably gifted 12-year-old, is preparing to start her freshman year at College Park High School this fall after skipping two grades. Recognized for her exceptional talents in all core subjects, Sathini has consistently demonstrated advanced academic proficiency, including acing the Pre-ACT science portion and scoring a perfect 100 on the Algebra STAAR test.

Sathini, a former student of Knox Junior High School, leveraged Texas' Credit by Exam (CBE) program to accelerate her education. The CBE program allows students to earn academic credit by passing rigorous exams, thus enabling them to skip coursework based on their proficiency.

"She was always ahead of her peers," her mother shared. "When she was in second grade, she took the third-grade credit exam and moved to fourth grade. She did the same in middle school, skipping seventh grade after acing the sixth-grade exams. Now, she's ready for high school."

Apart from her academic excellence, Sathini has a keen interest in art. In fourth grade, her artwork was chosen as the cover for the school yearbook after winning an art contest. She is also a member of the chamber choir and an active community volunteer, contributing over 120 hours of service. As a dedicated member of the National Junior Honor Society, Sathini balances her academics with various extracurricular activities.

 "Sathini Amaratunga is preparing to start her freshman year at College Park High School this fall after skipping two grades."

In addition to her academic achievements, she has excelled in extracurricular activities. She has a YouTube channel, volunteers extensively, and even won an award for creative web design. Her participation in robotics competitions further highlights her diverse interests and skills.

Her parents, Prasanna Amaratunga and Sarasi Peiris, emphasize a supportive and non-pressured environment for learning. "We don't force anything; we don't tell her to learn," Prasanna mentioned, highlighting their approach to her education.

Sathini's accomplishments extend beyond the classroom. She has received an award for website design and frequently assists her classmates to ensure she remains engaged with her studies. Her reading comprehension skills are already at a college level, showcasing her well-rounded intellect and potential for future success.

As Sathini prepares to enter College Park High School, she continues to inspire peers and educators alike with her achievements and dedication. Her journey exemplifies the possibilities of academic acceleration and the value of a supportive educational environment.


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