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Phase III of Art Bench Project Expands to Hughes Landing

THE WOODLANDS, TX (June 7, 2017) – The Woodlands Arts Council (TWAC) is proud to announce that Phase III of its Art Bench Project will be expanded to include sites in The Woodlands’ newest urban venue, Hughes Landing on Lake Woodlands. TWAC is now seeking additional underwriters for four to six new art benches that will be added to the collection of 14 already situated on or near The Woodlands Waterway. The deadline for underwriting an Art Bench in this third phase is July, 2017.

“The TWAC Art Bench Project is unique to our community, although we have had inquiries from others seeking to replicate the project in their own cities,” said Amy Lecocq, President of TWAC. “Our exquisite collection of art benches adds to the more than 50 pieces of public art sculpture that already adorns the parks, roadways and neighborhoods of The Woodlands. Hughes Landing is a popular venue for residents and visitors, with its Restaurant Row, urban residences and beautiful views of Lake Woodlands. We have identified a number of possible sites at water’s edge as well as in some of the more active areas in this exciting new urban venue.”

“In the past, artists from Europe and South America, as well as Texas and other states have been selected to create the art benches,” said Theresa Terrell, Chairman of the Art Bench Committee and a member of TWAC’s Board of Directors. “The art benches artistically combine form and function, and are a great place for people to sit and enjoy The Woodlands’ natural environment. Individuals or businesses underwriting an Art Bench will be able to make the final selection from three designs screened by the Art Bench Committee. The cost to the underwriter is $15,000 per Art Bench. “

“This is an ideal way to leave a permanent legacy in our community for your family or business,” said Gordy Bunch, underwriter of “Family” by artist Terrell Powell of Austin. “My wife, Michelle, myself and our children are very proud of our colorful and creative bench located at The Woodlands Mall. Not only is “Family” an inspiring work of art, it is also a great place for visitors to sit and enjoy the ambiance on The Waterway.”

Three new art benches have already been underwritten in the third phase of the project. Two of the benches, sponsored by Memorial Hermann-The Woodlands Hospital and The Alex and Sharon Sutton Family, will be located along The Woodlands Waterway. The Dorman Family is the first to sponsor an art bench in Hughes Landing.

Additional prospective underwriters seeking to tour the available sites for art benches and learn more about the project should contact Wendy Paynter at

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