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Biopharmaceutical company becomes the first tenant in The Woodlands new 12.4-acre Life Sciences Camp

The Woodlands Texas | Fri. Oct. 20, 2023

Nurix Technologies, a San Francisco-based biopharmaceutical company, that is developing cancer-fighting therapies, has moved into a 46,000-square-foot space in the $112 million Alexandria Center for Advanced Technologies Campus at 8800 Technology Forest Place.

While Nurix focuses on groundbreaking cancer research, its new facility is also expected to have a ripple effect on the community. For high school students interested in science and healthcare, the arrival of a biopharmaceutical company like Nurix could mean exciting internships and job-shadowing opportunities, giving students a unique insight into real-world scientific research and inspiring the next generation of healthcare innovators.

College students and recent graduates also stand to gain, as Nurix could be a significant employer offering roles in research, technology, and healthcare sectors. This could lead to meaningful career paths right in their hometown, allowing them to put their education to immediate use without having to relocate.

Nurix's decision to move to The Woodlands also offers broader community benefits. CEO Arthur Sands, cited the area's quality housing, good schools, and affordability as key factors in his decision to relocate here.

In summary, Nurix's new facility in The Woodlands represents more than just a milestone in healthcare innovation; it opens doors for educational and career opportunities for high school and college students, as well as offering long-term benefits for families and the community at large.

After remodeling the property based on designs by the architecture company Gensler, Alexandria Real Estate Equities is launching a 12-acre campus dedicated to life sciences research. The campus is located at 8800 Tech Forest in The Woodlands.


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