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Blue Bell Ice Cream releasing new Cinnamon Twist Ice Cream

BRENHAM, Texas, January 22, 2024 | By Student Center Staff

In a move that's sure to freeze the competition, Blue Bell Ice Cream, the Texan creamery that has been sweetening our days since 1907, has today announced the release of an exciting new flavor – Cinnamon Twist.

This new offering promises a deliciously unique experience, blending the company's rich, creamy base with the homely goodness of cinnamon bun dough pieces and an irresistible cinnamon icing swirl.

Speaking with the warmth and pride befitting a Texan native, Joe Robertson, executive director of advertising and marketing for Blue Bell, described the new flavor as a tribute to the state's rich culinary traditions. "We're bringing a taste of Texas tradition to your freezer with our Cinnamon Twist. It's like enjoying a fresh cinnamon bun in a refreshingly cool way," he said. The company's commitment to quality and its Texan roots are evident in every scoop, with this latest flavor available in half-gallon and pint sizes for a limited time.

The lineup this season also sees the return of the 2023 hit, I ❤ Cereal, a fruity, confetti-sprinkled delight, alongside the ever-popular Tin Roof, a vanilla ice cream with a chocolate sundae sauce and peanuts in a dark chocolate coating, now available in half-gallon sizes. With these new additions, Blue Bell continues to celebrate its heritage while pushing the boundaries of ice cream innovation.

To discover more about Blue Bell's full range of products or to find out where you can grab a pint or two, visit Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and X for the latest updates, straight from the heart of Brenham, Texas.

Blue Bell Creameries stands as a testament to over a century of excellence in ice cream making. Despite its availability in only 23 states, its reputation for quality transcends borders, making it a beloved part of the national fabric. Whether it's by creating flavors that hark back to simpler times or by introducing exciting new twists, Blue Bell remains a proud standard-bearer for the state of Texas.

About Blue Bell Creameries: Blue Bell Creameries, founded in the quaint town of Brenham, Texas, has been a beacon of ice cream excellence since 1907. With production facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Alabama, Blue Bell has consistently delivered over 40 flavors of high-quality ice cream and frozen treats, sold exclusively in 23 states. The company's dedication to traditional craftsmanship and innovative flavors continues to endear it to customers nationwide.


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