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College Park High School Cheerleaders Celebrate Signing Day

First cheerleader signing ceremony marks a milestone for College Park High School.

In an inaugural event at College Park High School, senior cheerleaders Erin Slaven and Peyton Wheeler signed with their respective college cheer teams.

The signing ceremony, held on Monday, May 13 at the College Park Gymnasium, marked the school's first dedicated cheerleader signing event. Erin Slaven signed to cheer on the Baylor University Co-Ed Team, becoming the first College Park cheerleader to make a coed team. Peyton Wheeler signed with the Oklahoma Pom Cheer Team after receiving offers from the University of Miami and the University of Oklahoma. Although not celebrated at this ceremony, Maggie Melzer also signed with the Florida State University Golden Girls dance team during the school’s spring signing day in April.

The timing of this cheerleader-specific ceremony is due to the unique recruitment timeline for college cheer teams. Unlike other sports, cheerleaders often try out for college teams after the college basketball season ends and receive offers later in the school year. This necessitates a separate signing event to accommodate these late decisions.

This was the first signing ceremony dedicated to cheerleaders due to the timing of college basketball seasons and late college offers.

During the ceremony, College Park High and Coach Abi Kolb introduced each cheerleader to the audience, providing a background on their accomplishments and celebrating their dedication to the cheer team and the school. The ceremony was attended by family, friends, faculty, area dance team members, and Cavalier underclassman cheerleaders. Head Coach Abi Kolb, JV Coach Maggie Meador, and Freshman Coach Chandler Howard were also present. Members of the football, boys and girls basketball, and volleyball teams came to support the cheerleaders who have cheered them on for the last four years.

This signing day reflects the dedication and hard work of the cheerleaders and the support of their community, marking a significant milestone in College Park High School's history. This will now be an event to look forward to for future College Park High School cheerleaders and their supporters.


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