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College Park's Lily Petty: A Cheerleader and Scorekeeper Extraordinaire

Cheering and Scoring for the Cavaliers

On the campus of College Park High School, Lily Petty, Class of 2025, stands out for her versatility and dedication. Lily is not only a shining star as a varsity cheerleader but also plays a crucial role behind the scenes as the official scorekeeper for the varsity baseball team.

During the Saturday, March 16, 2024, baseball game between the College Park High School Cavaliers and Cleveland High School, Lily was spotted in the dugout, diligently fulfilling her role as the scorekeeper.

Whether Lily is on the sidelines cheering in front of thousands of fans during Friday night lights or behind the scenes, her presence is always felt. As a cheerleader, she brings energy and spirit to every game, rallying the crowd and supporting her team with unwavering enthusiasm. In her role as the scorekeeper, Lily's responsibilities go beyond just keeping track of runs and outs. She is the maestro of real-time updates on the Gamechanger app, ensuring that fans, coaches, and players are always in the loop. Her meticulous attention to detail is evident in every pitch she records, capturing the nuances of the game for both the home team and their opponents with paramount accuracy. Fans who are unable to attend the games receive real-time updates no matter where they are located in the world, thanks to Lily's diligent work.

Throughout the season, Lily's unwavering reliability and pinpoint accuracy have become indispensable to the coaching staff, which relies on her detailed recordings of the game to make critical in-game decisions. Lily meticulously documents every pitch, ensuring that her analysis is both thorough and precise.

What sets Lily apart is her commitment to her dual roles, regardless of the location. Whether the team is playing under the lights at their home field or facing rivals on the road, Lily is there, iPad in hand, ready to document every moment of the action.

Lily Petty's unique blend of athletic spirit and analytical precision makes her an invaluable asset to College Park High School's sports community. As she continues to balance her roles as a cheerleader and scorekeeper, Lily exemplifies the true spirit of a College Park Cavalier, demonstrating that with passion and dedication, you can indeed do it all.


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