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Congressman Morgan Luttrell Hosts 2024 Send-Off for Future Military Leaders

Community honors young cadets heading to prestigious military academies

June 1, 2024

By The Woodlands Student Center Staff

Conroe, Texas – On the morning of June 1, 2024, U.S. Congressman Morgan Luttrell hosted a send-off breakfast at the Black Walnut Café in Conroe, Texas, honoring seven young men and women from the 8th Congressional District of Texas who are set to attend various U.S. military academies.

The send-off breakfast celebrated the dedication and commitment of these students and their families. Congressman Luttrell emphasized the district’s pride in these future leaders who will soon embark on their journey to become military officers at the Navy, Air Force, Merchant Marine, and West Point academies. This annual event included inspirational speeches from rising West Point senior Cadet Jack Wilson, Lieutenant Colonel David Yebra (retired), and retired SEAL Team 8 Commander Joshua Wynn, all sharing insights and advice for the cadets.

Each cadet received a handwritten note from the congressman on a framed commemorative photo, symbolizing the district's support and recognition of their achievements. The guest speaker, Cadet Jack Wilson, a graduate of Magnolia High School, spoke about the importance of balancing academic, physical, and military responsibilities and building strong relationships at the academy. He described a typical day at a military academy and shared his own experiences, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and dedication.

Lieutenant Colonel David Yebra inspired the attendees with his experiences and emphasized the importance of never giving up. Having been awarded four Bronze Stars during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Yebra shared his insights on leadership and commitment. He recited the full oath of enlistment, highlighting the significance of each word and the responsibilities that come with it. His advice to the cadets was clear: "Never learn how to quit because you can’t unlearn that—hold the line."

Joshua Wynn, a retired SEAL Team 8 commander and 2020 United States Naval Academy graduate, shared his journey and the responsibilities that come with being a military officer. With multiple military deployments under his belt, Wynn emphasized the unexpected responsibilities that graduates might face, including the future possibility they may one day find themselves as the senior U.S. government representative on the ground. He encouraged the cadets to build strong relationships, noting that their best friends would be the people they meet at the academy and serve with in the future.

The cadets honored at the breakfast included Sophia Murray (Merchant Marine Academy), Jake Witt (United States Air Force Academy), Gary Jones (United States Air Force Academy), Dante Morganti (Merchant Marine Academy), Brook Munoz (The Military Academy at West Point), Olivia Suarez (United States Air Force Academy), and James Hughes III (United States Naval Academy Preparatory School). Each cadet’s achievements and future aspirations were highlighted, showcasing their hard work and dedication.

Sophia Murray, a graduate of Conroe High School, shared her journey of graduating early and interning at Congressman Luttrell’s office. Jake Witt, inspired by his brother currently serving in the Army, chose the Air Force Academy to pursue his interest in aerospace engineering. Gary Jones and Olivia Suarez also aimed to join the Air Force Academy. Dante Morganti and Brook Munoz were set to join the Merchant Marine Academy and West Point, respectively, each bringing their unique backgrounds and aspirations to their chosen paths.

Parents and family members expressed their pride and support for their children. Gregory and Danielle Murray, parents of Sophia, spoke about their family’s long history of military service and their excitement for their daughter's future. Silvia Salazar, mother of Jake Witt, shared her pride in having two sons serving in the military.

In addition to the speeches and presentations, several members of the Military Academy Board were present at the breakfast, further underscoring the significance of the event. Board members included Captain Luke Easter, Ms. Stacey Easter, Brigadier General Hal Fruchtnicht, Constable Scott Hughes, Captain John Jablonski, Colonel Dan McDaniel, Brigadier General Connie McNabb, Commander Joshua Wynn, and Lieutenant Colonel David Yebra. Their presence provided additional inspiration and support to the cadets and their families.

Congressman Luttrell concluded the event by presenting each cadet with an American flag folded into a triangle, symbolizing military tradition. He expressed his confidence in their abilities and reiterated his support by giving them his personal phone number for future assistance. The event was a testament to the community's support and pride in these young leaders as they embark on their military careers. Luttrell remarked, "Your journey will not be easy, but no sacrifice is more honorable than those who protect and defend our nation."

Following an honorable 14-year military career, Morgan Luttrell retired from the Navy in 2014. His connection with the United States military is deeply rooted, and he continues to dedicate himself to serving his community by representing them in Congress. His commitment to the cadets and their families underscores his ongoing dedication to supporting the next generation of military leaders. “These are the future leaders of America,” Luttrell said. “They have earned the right for this appointment. They haven’t been given anything—they worked their butts off to accomplish this. I believe in them just like their parents do.” Luttrell added,

"The second most important thing I do behind voting is the appointment of our future military leaders."

The pride and emotion were palpable among the attendees, with many parents reflecting on the significance of the moment.

Congressman Luttrell’s send-off breakfast was a heartfelt and inspiring event, honoring the dedication and commitment of seven young cadets from the 8th Congressional District of Texas. The community's pride and support for these future military leaders were evident, as they prepared to embark on their prestigious journeys at the nation's military academies.


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