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Cooper Dragons Excel at EfTA Science Fair

Local Students Shine in Prestigious Education for Tomorrow Alliance Science Competition

Five enterprising students from The John Cooper School's Upper School made an impressive showing at the EfTA Science Fair held on Thursday at the Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe, Texas. Showcasing their dedication to scientific inquiry, these students embarked on research projects entirely outside their classroom responsibilities, underscoring their commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

Alyssa Kuang placed 3rd in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

The Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. Senior High Science Fair, beginning with a 7:45 am check-in, saw a gathering of some of the brightest young minds across the 9th through 12th grades. They engaged in rigorous competition, presenting projects spanning engineering, life sciences, and physical sciences. This event, organized by the Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA), serves as a crucial platform for young scientists to display their talents and hard work.

Among the standout participants from The John Cooper School were Vivian Qin, Lauren Kim, Alyssa Kuang, Ploy Phasuk, and Natasha Machnizh. Their projects, a result of extensive research conducted independently of their school curriculum, were a testament to their dedication and passion for science.

Alyssa Kuang, in particular, received accolades for her outstanding work, securing third place in the highly competitive field of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. Her achievement is not just a personal victory but also a proud moment for The John Cooper School, known as the Dragons, reflecting the school's commitment to fostering a culture of academic curiosity and excellence.

The participation and success of these students at the EFTA Science Fair highlight the importance of extracurricular learning and the role it plays in shaping well-rounded, scientifically literate individuals. It also emphasizes the school's support in nurturing these young talents, providing them with opportunities to explore and excel beyond the classroom.

As the Dragons return from the Science Fair, they bring with them not just accolades and recognition but also invaluable experience and learning that transcends textbook knowledge. Their achievements at the EFTA Science Fair are a beacon of inspiration to their peers and a reminder of the boundless potential of young minds when passion and education converge. Congratulations to these bright young scientists – the future looks promising with such talent leading the way. Way to go, Dragons!


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