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Cooper Dragons Shine at Texas A&M Science Bowl

Local Students Compete with Vigor in Regional Quiz Tournament

A group of tenacious high school students from The John Cooper School, led by faculty sponsors Ms. Cathy Mock and Mr. Charles Lowery, made an impressive showing at the Texas A&M Regional Science Bowl held on Saturday. The Dragons fielded two teams in this challenging competition, showcasing their knowledge across a spectrum of scientific disciplines.

Setting off early from their school grounds, the students embarked on an all-day adventure filled with rigorous academic challenges. The competition, known for its fast-paced quiz rounds, tested the teams on a wide range of subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Energy, Mathematics, and Physics. Facing some of the most skilled teams in the region, the Dragons demonstrated exceptional strategic thinking, scoring prowess, and sportsmanship throughout the day.

Despite tough competition, they advanced through numerous rounds, with one team reaching as far as the seventh round and the other making it to the tenth before being eliminated. The performance of the students – Aaron Bates, Finn Dhamija, Ian Hou, Alyssa Kuang, Hannah Nieuwveld, Aditya Pakal, Ploy Phasuk, Ethan Wang, Gavin Winter, and Annabelle Wu – was a source of pride for their sponsors, who commended their knowledge and teamwork. Looking ahead, both faculty and students are eager for future contests and optimistic about building on this year's achievements.

While the journey ended in the seventh and tenth rounds for the Dragons, the experience was far from a defeat. It was a testament to their academic dedication, teamwork, and the competitive spirit that defines The John Cooper School's approach to learning. With sights set on future competitions, the Dragons are ready to soar even higher, armed with knowledge and an unbreakable team spirit.


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