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Grand Oaks HS Royal Pride Dance Team: From Football Fields to Competition Floors

Celebrating Achievements and Looking Ahead to Spring Events

The Grand Oaks High School Royal Pride dance team, is celebrated not only for their performances during football season but also for their impressive achievements in competition season.

Known for energizing the stands and halftime shows at Grand Oaks High School football games, Royal Pride continues to showcase their talent as they transition from football season to competition season.

During varsity football games, Royal Pride is a vital part of the school spirit, welcoming the Grizzlies onto the field and performing their signature "Sweet Caroline" in the stands. Their halftime shows are a highlight, captivating audiences with their choreography and energy.

As football season ends, Royal Pride shifts their focus to competition season. This year kicked off with remarkable performances at back-to-back weekends at Crowd Pleasers dance competitions, securing 2nd and 4th overall placements. The team captivated judges, earning special awards for their artistry and entertainment value, and recognized for their academic excellence with a GPA award at both contests.

The season culminated on March 5th at the UIL Pilot event for dance, where Royal Pride participated in the Katy ISD Dance Team Invitational. Their dedication paid off as they received a Division 1 ranking, the highest accolade at the event.

In addition to their competition success, Royal Pride is hosting their annual spring dance clinic on April 5, 2024, for children ages 4-13 at Grand Oaks HS, offering a comprehensive dance experience. Following the clinic, they are preparing for their third annual spring show on April 29th & 30th in the GOHS Main Gym, with tickets available on their Eventbrite website.

The Royal Pride dance team's accomplishments this season, both in football games and competitions, reflect their commitment to excellence and passion for dance. Under the leadership of Mrs. Hannah Gassett and Mrs. Kathryn Prather, their impressive achievements have brought pride to the community and set a high standard for future performances.

For those interested in joining the Royal Pride Drill Team for the 2024-2025 season, the application deadline for tryouts is March 18th. Applicants must complete the general application form available on the team's website.


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