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Laugh Out Loud with 'Moon Over Buffalo' at The Woodlands High: A Public Performance and UIL One-Act Play Comedy

Don't Miss the Hilarity: 'Moon Over Buffalo' Brings Laughs and Talent to the 2024 UIL One-Act Play Competition and Woodlands Community

The Woodlands High School Theatre Department brings a whirlwind of laughter to the stage with their production of Ken Ludwig's "Moon Over Buffalo." Directed by Heather Collins, who expressed a desire to tackle a comedy for this year's UIL One-Act Play Contest, the play promises to be an uproarious hit. "I've always wanted to do a comedy, and 'Moon Over Buffalo' was the perfect fit for our talented group," Collins shared.

The plot of "Moon Over Buffalo" centers around the lives of George Hay, portrayed by Brian Chwastyk, an actor who tours small theaters with his wife Charlotte, played by Peyton Jones, and their daughter Rosalind, brought to life by Sophia Carter. The arrival of Hollywood director Frank Capra brings chaos and comedic moments to the drama, as the actors grapple with financial difficulties, illicit affairs, and mistaken identities. Fast-paced conversations and hysterical efforts to resolve confusion keep the audience on the edge of their seats, laughing all the while.

From the moment the lights come on, the energy and precise timing of The Woodlands Theatre Department captures the audience's attention. Standout performances by Peyton Jones as Charlotte, Norah Gillis as Ethel, and Brian Chwastyk as George bring depth and hilarity to their characters. Peyton Jones, who also performs at the Black Cat Theatre and Academy in Magnolia, Texas, masterfully channels Charlotte's personality, displaying a wide range of emotions and comedic timing that keeps the audience engaged. "Playing Charlotte is fun because she's an old actress who still strives for the spotlight. It's a roller coaster of emotions, being nice to some characters and bossy to others," Jones explained.

Norah Gillis, as Ethel, impresses with her sustained physical mimicry of an older woman, adding depth to the character and the play's humor. Brian Chwastyk, who plays George, also received praise for his performance. His physical comedy and emotional depth brought the character of George to life, making him a standout in the production. "The role is very physical and fast-paced, but I feel great afterward. It's a fun 40 minutes with lots of laughs," Chwastyk shared.

The ensemble cast, including Zach Brengel as Paul, Isaac Campbell as Howard, Isa Rivera as Eileen, and Grady Barrows as Richard, all contribute to the dynamic and engaging performance, ensuring that each character shines on stage.

"Peyton Jones's portrayal of Charlotte is a testament to her incredible comedic timing and range as an actress." - Piper, Class of 2021

Review by Piper, Class of 2021: "I loved it! There was so much high energy and good chemistry between the relationships. Peyton Jones as Charlotte had incredible comedic timing. Norah Gillis's portrayal of Ethel was spot-on, and Brian Chwastyk as George had great physicality that made me chuckle. The wardrobe matched the time period and enhanced the comedy."

"Moon Over Buffalo" promises an evening of laughter and entertainment, showcasing the exceptional talent of The Woodlands High School Theatre Department. The public is invited to experience this high school production on February 27 at 7 pm at The Woodlands High School Auditorium. Don't miss this opportunity to support local theater and enjoy a night of comedy and talent.


The UIL One-Act Play represents the competition season for high school theatre departments. This annual event showcases the talent of young performers, who present plays ranging from 18 to 40 minutes in length. A panel of judges evaluates each performance, awarding individual acting honors and selecting plays to advance to the next level.


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