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Robert MacFarlane Named Principal of College Park High School

MacFarlane to Begin in 2024-25 School Year Following Dr. Mark Murrell

Robert MacFarlane has been named the new principal of College Park High School for the 2024-25 school year, succeeding Dr. Mark Murrell, who has been named, Conroe ISD’s Executive Director of Operations. MacFarlane, currently the principal of Irons Jr. High School, is returning to College Park, where he previously served as a social studies teacher and Department Chair.

During the May 14 Conroe ISD Board Meeting, Dr. Curtis Null, Superintendent of Schools at Conroe ISD, nominated MacFarlane, and the Conroe ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the nomination. Seventeen years ago, Dr. Murrell hired MacFarlane as a social studies teacher at College Park, where he began his leadership journey as Department Chair.

Dr. Null highlighted MacFarlane’s strong relationships with teachers, parents, and students, noting his outstanding performance and the positive impact on his previous campus. MacFarlane expressed a profound sense of purpose and dedication to the principles of commitment, pride, honor, and success that define College Park High School.

MacFarlane’s leadership is anticipated to continue fostering growth and success at College Park High School, building on the strong foundation established by Dr. Murrell.


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