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The John Cooper School Honored with the Prestigious 2024 Hometown Hero Award by Interfaith of The Woodlands

In a significant announcement on January 18, 2024, at the iconic Woodlands Towers at the Waterway, The John Cooper School was distinguished as a 2024 Hometown Hero by Interfaith of The Woodlands.

This prestigious award, accepted by Head of School Dr. Stephen Popp on behalf of the institution, acknowledges the school's unwavering commitment to service and academic excellence within The Woodlands community.

With this honor, The John Cooper School joins a revered group comprising individuals, families, businesses, and non-profit organizations recognized for their impactful contributions to The Woodlands.

Since its inception in 1988, The John Cooper School has been a pillar in the community, celebrated for its scholastic achievements and robust service initiatives.

Dr. Stephen Popp's visionary leadership has been pivotal in guiding the school towards achieving heights in both educational excellence and community involvement. The school's varied community service programs, including Cooper Cares Day and the MPAC Club's collaboration with Project Cure, exemplify its dedication to civic engagement. Moreover, student-led initiatives like The Habitat Project and the Empty Bowls Project demonstrate the school's commitment to social responsibility, fostering a culture of empathy and active participation in community welfare.

The selection of The John Cooper School as a 2024 Hometown Hero, with Dr. Popp graciously accepting the honor, is a testament to the school's integral role in enriching the community life of The Woodlands.

The list of esteemed 2024 honorees includes Roxanne Davis from the YMCA, Justin Kendrick of Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, Dr. Mark Murrell Principal of The Woodlands College Park High School and Ray Sanders, a retired Conroe ISD Board of Trustee. The Murphy family, The John Cooper School, and The Rotary Club (represented by Kay Boehm-Fannin) were also acknowledged for their significant contributions.

The selection of the 2024 Hometown Hero awardees, are based on nominations from community members. These individuals and organizations were chosen for their exemplary service, leadership, courage, and positive impact in The Woodlands. The criteria for the award include serving as role models, a history of volunteerism, sacrificing personal gain for noble goals, and exhibiting remarkable leadership and courage.

The upcoming Woodlands Celebration of Excellence Gala, where the school will be formally honored, further highlights its significant contributions. Esteemed community leaders Mary Anne Whitney, Missy Herndon, and Julie & Scott Lile will host this gala event.

Gala Event Details:

Scheduled for Saturday, April 20, 2024, at 6:00 PM at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, the Woodlands Celebration of Excellence Gala is not to be missed. This event, hosted by Mary Anne Whitney, Board Chair, Missy Herndon, President and CEO, and Event Chairs Julie and Scott Lile, will be a fitting tribute to The John Cooper School and other Hometown Heroes, while also supporting Interfaith's mission to serve the South Montgomery County through vital aid programs.

Community members are invited to secure their tickets through the Interfaith of The Woodlands website, joining in the celebration of The John Cooper School's prestigious recognition and contributing to the greater good of the community.

Galla information:


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