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UIL adopts several rule changes at 2018 meeting

The UIL has some rule changes coming down this school year that will strengthen penalties for athletes ejected from games and even change spring football practice and change how baseball and softball series are set.

Ejection rule: The UIL adopted a new ejection rule similar to the one already in place for soccer. In sports other than football, any player ejected must sit out the next game.

In football, if a player is ejected that player must sit out the first half of the following game. The rule will not apply to ejections from targeting.

Baseball and softball: The biggest change will be in how playoff series are set. Under previous rules, teams could not play more than one game prior to Friday of that week, which put some teams in a bind when scheduling because of graduation and other awards ceremonies at the end of the school year. The new rule approved by the UIL states that teams can play the first and second games of a series before Friday. The third game cannot be played until Friday.

Football: The legislative council modified the number of days Class 6A and 5A football teams can hold spring practice. Teams can now do 18 practices in 34 consecutive calendar days instead of 30 days.


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