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Caney Creek Cheerleaders Celebrate Historic State Championship with Hero's Welcome at School

Mon. Jan. 8, 2024, | South Montgomery County, TX

In a scene of jubilant celebration, the halls of Caney Creek High School transformed into a corridor of cheers and applause on Monday as the newly crowned 2024 COED Cheerleading State Champions made their triumphant return to school.

The cheer team, comprising 29 male and female cheerleaders, 7 male yell leaders, and their beloved mascot, Petey The Panther, were greeted with the lively tunes of the school marching band and the proud cheers of students and faculty.

Janel Jackson - Head Cheer Coach & Paris Dougay - Assistant Coach Coach

The highlight of the day was a poignant ceremony where the cheerleaders presented their principal, Dr. Terri Benson, with the coveted state trophy and medal. This gesture symbolized not only their remarkable achievement but also their deep appreciation for the school's unwavering support. Dr. Benson, visibly moved by the gesture, commended the team for their hard work, dedication, and for bringing home the first state championship in cheerleading to Conroe ISD.

Head Coach Janel Jackson and Assistant Coach Paris Dougay, key figures in this historic success, watched on with pride. Coach Jackson, in her 5th year, has been instrumental in building a team culture focused on discipline, athleticism, and school spirit. Under her guidance, the team has seen a steady climb in state rankings, culminating in this year's unprecedented victory.

Dr. Terri Benson - Principle

Athletic Director Kendall Hineman, who has been a staunch supporter of the team, highlighted the unique aspects of the team's composition - the integration of athletes from football and basketball into cheerleading, bringing a dynamic edge to their routines.

The cheerleaders' achievement is not just about the high scores or the trophy; it's a testament to their service and commitment to the school and the broader Conroe community. They have become local heroes, embodying the true spirit of teamwork and school pride.

As the school community continues to bask in the glow of this victory, there's a unanimous sentiment: the Caney Creek High School cheerleaders have not only won a championship but also won the hearts of everyone in their community.

For further updates and exclusive interviews with the team, stay tuned to our Community News section.


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