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College Park High School Orchestra's Captivating Spring Performance

An Evening of Excellence: From Sinfonietta to Symphony Showcasing the Talents of Young Musicians

The Woodlands, TX - Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 7:00 PM

By The Woodlands Student Center Staff

The College Park High School Cavalier Orchestra, under the direction of Emmanuel Coraza and assistant Mary Kate Sturgill, captivated the community with a splendid Spring Concert and Pre-UIL Performance at the school's auditorium.

The evening was a symphony of emotions as the talented members of the College Park Cavalier Orchestra took the stage. The air was filled with anticipation as the lights dimmed and the first notes resonated through the auditorium. Each ensemble, from the Sinfonietta to the prestigious Symphony Orchestra, delivered performances that were both technically impressive and emotionally stirring.

The audience was visibly moved, with moments of awe and applause punctuating the air. The Sinfonietta opened the concert with contemporary pieces including "Impulse" by Brian Balmages, "Cliffs of Moher" by Susan Day, and "Gargoyles" by Doug Spata. The Philharmonic followed with a classical repertoire featuring "Sinfonia in G" by Elliot Del Borgo, "Fantasy on Aloha 'Oe" by Brian Balmages, and "Legends of Glory" by Kathryn Griesinger. The Camerata ensemble presented "For the Star of County Down" arranged by Deborah Monday, "Daughter of the Stars" by Heather Savage, and "Rise of the Olympians" by Brian Balmages. The Chamber group performed "A Wicked Vow" by Doug Spata, "Adagio (Theme from 'Spartacus')" arranged by Robert Longfield, and "Finale (The Dargason) from St. Paul's Suite" by Gustav Holst. The Symphony Orchestra concluded the concert with "Perseus" by Soon Hee Newbold, "Eclogue for Piano and String Orchestra" by Gerald Finzi featuring Sofia Valdes on piano, and "Serenade for Strings: IV. Finale" by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

Among the Symphony Orchestra performers, concertmaster and violinist Caleb Chan led with grace and expertise. Having played the violin since the 5th grade at Deretchin Elementary School, his leadership and skill were evident. Felix Li, the principal second violin, showcased his exceptional musicality and ability to lead by example, captivating his peers and the audience alike. Michelle Ye, a dedicated violinist and student officer, demonstrated her hard work and potential as a future leader in music education.

Emmanuel Coraza, in his inaugural year as Director of Orchestras, aimed to "make great music," a goal clearly achieved through the night's performances. The final performance by the Symphony Orchestra was a fitting crescendo to a night of musical excellence, leaving an indelible mark on all who were present.

The College Park High School Cavalier Orchestra's 2024 Spring Concert was not only a showcase of musical talent but also a celebration of the dedication and hard work of the students and directors with the audience treated to an evening of diverse and enchanting melodies. With their sights set on the upcoming UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Evaluation, the Cavalier Orchestra is poised for continued success. The community eagerly anticipates their future performances, including the Senior Farewell Concert on May 5th and the String Fling on May 15th, which promises to be a grand collaboration with feeder schools featuring: Knox, Collins, and Wilkerson Orchestras in the College Park High School gymnasium.


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