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Conroe ISD Celebrates Continued Excellence in Music Education

Award Marking a Decade of Distinction Highlights Ongoing Commitment to the Arts

CONROE, TEXAS (Wednesday, 10:30 AM) – The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation once again recognized Conroe Independent School District with the Best Communities for Music Education Award, making this the 12th time the district has received this honor.

The award places Conroe ISD among the top 10 percent of districts in Texas for music education.

Dr. Bob Horton, Director of Fine Arts at CISD, expressed gratitude towards the Board of Trustees for their unwavering support of the arts, which has enabled the district to achieve and maintain its high standard in music education. Conroe ISD stands out not only in Texas but across the nation, being one of the few districts to have received this award for more than a decade.

"We appreciate our music educators who make our community and schools vibrant places of learning and growth." - Trustee Datren Williams

The Best Communities for Music Education Award, a cornerstone initiative of the NAMM Foundation, is granted to school districts and schools that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to music education. The award serves as a benchmark for other schools and districts nationwide, showcasing the importance of comprehensive music programs in fostering educational excellence and enriching community life.

To qualify for this prestigious designation, Conroe ISD provided detailed information on various aspects of their music program, including funding, staffing, and curriculum, which was thoroughly reviewed by the Music Research Institute at the University of Kansas.

Trustee Datren Williams emphasized the crucial role music educators play in the holistic development of students, stating, "Fine arts and music are vital in making our children well-rounded individuals and enhancing the quality of our community."

In his remarks, Dr. Horton highlighted, "This recognition from the NAMM Foundation underscores the hard work and passion our music teachers invest in their craft, ensuring that music remains a pivotal part of our well-rounded education system."

The commitment of Conroe ISD to music education ensures that every student has access to music as part of their educational experience, setting a standard for districts nationwide.


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