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Fun Day Trip at the Sonic the Hedgehog Pop-Up Cafe!

A high-speed adventure awaits families and friends

Attention Sonic fans and adventure seekers! This Saturday, May 4, marks the exciting launch of the Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe right in nearby Katy. For those in The Woodlands community looking for a unique outing, this pop-up cafe at Craft Burger, located at 348 S Mason Road, offers a creative twist to your usual dining plans, all within a 50-minute drive.

The cafe, which debuted with great fanfare at San Diego Comic-Con last year, invites guests into the fast-paced world of Sonic with a menu that’s as vibrant as it is delicious. You can dive into Sonic’s Classic Chili Dog or bite into the fiery Knuckles Sandwich. For lighter fare, the Piko Piko Tenders are a must-try. The drink menu dazzles with items like the Blue Blur blueberry slush and the Sweet Amy strawberry milkshake, ensuring there's a refreshing option for every palate.

Chef Shannen Tune of Craft Burger has added a special local flavor to the offerings with dishes such as the Chaotix Hot Dog, loaded with chopped brisket and smothered in barbecue sauce, and the Zomom’s Hunger Buster fries, a hearty treat topped with brisket, cheddar cheese, and green onions.

Beyond the food, the cafe has been transformed into a Sonic paradise. The interiors boast vibrant Sonic graphics, a Green Hill Zone-inspired turf floor, and several gaming stations where guests can play and enjoy. The cafe also offers an array of exclusive Sonic-themed merchandise, perfect for fans looking to take a piece of the experience home.

The Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Cafe is a delightful destination for those in The Woodlands looking to spice up their weekend plans. Whether you’re a long-time Sonic enthusiast or just in search of a fun family outing, this pop-up cafe provides the perfect blend of nostalgia and novelty. Be sure to catch this limited-time experience before it speeds away in August!


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