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National Charity Roundtable Woodlands Chapter Celebrates Class of 2024 Seniors

Annual Chevalier Ceremony Honors Young Volunteers

The National Charity Roundtable (NCR) Woodlands Chapter recognized its class of 2024 seniors in a heartfelt Chevalier Ceremony held at The Woodlands Country Club on Sunday. The event celebrated the achievements and philanthropic efforts of young men who have significantly contributed to Montgomery County through volunteer work.

The day began with seniors and their families gathering for photos, capturing the momentous occasion. NCR President Ami Goudie officially welcomed attendees, kicking off the ceremonies. David Sims, one of the honorees, delivered inspirational comments that highlighted the importance of community service and personal growth.

As the event proceeded, guests enjoyed a lunch prepared by the country club's staff, accompanied by a senior video montage that showcased moments from their volunteering experiences. Elizabeth Chappell, the guest speaker, discussed the impact of the Champion Project, emphasizing the value of youth involvement in philanthropy.

Ami Goudie, along with Jennifer Barrows, NCR President Elect, introduced each senior honoree. They were presented with certificates and gifts, acknowledging their commitment to service. Darlene Norris, NCR Chevalier Chair, concluded the ceremony with remarks that celebrated the seniors' accomplishments and encouraged them to continue their philanthropic endeavors.

The NCR Woodlands Chapter has been a vital part of the community, facilitating volunteer opportunities for young men and their parents. It supports various local organizations, promoting a culture of giving back.

The Chevalier Ceremony was not just a celebration of the Class of 2024's achievements but also a testament to the ongoing commitment of the NCR Woodlands Chapter to foster community service among young individuals. David Sims was recognized as the Outstanding Senior of the Class of 2024, exemplifying the spirit of volunteerism with over 207 hours dedicated to community service.


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